Lara Jacobs

Fine art, traveling, portrait photographer.

Offering museum-quality, archival, heirloom giclee prints.

Frequently Asked Questions


1.    Do you provide digital CDs including high resolution images, with every photo session?

For any printed session a client purchases, I provide a folder with low-resolution digital files for use on social media and to email friends and family.  I am not in the CD-selling business. I create heirloom quality, printed artwork for my clients.  I do not believe in having my clients invest time, emotion, effort, and money in a photography session that does not provide beautiful, long-lasting, high quality products; therefore I keep the high resolution digital images because its my job to make sure you get what you are paying to receive. 

I am not a commodity photographer.  My clients come to me for quality products, from beginning to end. Furthermore, when other photographers offer you digital files, they are showing you that they do not care about the money and time you’ve invested into their photo shoot.  With me, the entire photographic experience from consultation, to photographing, choosing your images and printed products is designed to ensure you receive the best quality in the area.  I oversee much of the printing, locally in my work space.  For images that are printed elsewhere, I only employ the best professional labs available.  Printmaking is an art that many new photographers have not fully understood.  My established history as a fine art photographer and printer provides me with much experience to draw from when helping to create your finished products. 

Rest assure, I cherish your treasured moments and want to make sure you have a final product that is as amazing as possible.   Providing you only with digital images that will not be printed in a sufficient manner by consumer labs is not part of my business model because I care about the future of the images we make together.  Labs available to consumers are incapable of producing my high quality standards and have proven that they cannot replicate an accurate representation of my work.  As a professional photographer, I do not work with consumer labs because of their lack of quality.

With that said, I DO provide ONE free high resolution digital image for each print (16x20 and larger) purchased.  In doing so, I can be assured that you have already invested in a treasured heirloom to pass down for generations to come—thus fulfilling my promise to provide you with keepsakes.   The free digital image will be of the same pose ordered for the 16x10+ print and the terms of the printing allowed for the digital image will be discussed in much detail before a written release is provided.


2.     What are your terms on printing images?

All printing goes through my studio so that I can ensure quality and inspect every investment a client makes in their memories.  When a client receives a digital image for use on social media, they are not granted permission to print the image.  However, when a client makes a purchase of a print 16x20 inches or larger, then I may grant some printing rights for the same pose purchased for the print.  The terms of printing rights will be thoroughly discussed with the client. 

All of my images are protected from editing, reproduction, printing, etc. through Copyright Law Title 17, Appendix V.  (Additional Provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act 2005, Section 102])Without my expressed written permission, it is ILLEGAL to copy or reproduce any of my photographs.  Violators of this Federal Law are subject to its civil and criminal penalties.  


3.    Your prices are somewhat higher than other local photographers.  Why?

I bring over a decade of creative, fine art, and award-winning photography experience to each of my sessions.  With that experience, you are gaining years of quality control and talent.  I offer all of my clients a personalized experience from their first contact, throughout the planning phase and into the photo session, and then afterwards, as prints are delivered.  My overall goal is to create family heirloom images that will stay on your walls for the rest of your life; not something that will be replaced every year.  The clients I work with understand the timeless value of their keepsake images.  They understand that at some point in life, we all face a reality when images may be the only things we have left of someone we love.   As a fine art photographer who offers museum quality, fine art papers, and high quality printing processes, I assure my clients that the memories we’ve captured will be passed down for generations to come.  Many prints offered by other photographers and that you can purchase online as a consumer are not guaranteed to last long at all.  Low quality printing processes ensure that the memories you are investing in will warp and have issues in the future.  I spend a lot of time ensuring that my prints and each client’s experiences with their photo sessions reflect the highest quality in the area.   My prices reflect the time and value of your photographic experience.


4.     What does a typical photography session include?

I like to think of each of my photography sessions as unique, so nothing is ever “typical”.  However, I do try to offer a streamlined process from beginning to end.  Once a client contacts me, I spend time getting to know what their needs and desires are for their session.  I offer a questionnaire and sometimes we go to coffee to do more planning (depending on the need of the client and amount of prep required).  Once we have planned the session, I keep my clients informed of progress for the session including if props need to be ordered, or if they need assistance choosing outfits, makeup, and hairstyles, etc. for the model(s).  The photography session is usually what comes next, followed by an in-person photo-viewing session and/or a digital album of images provided to the client.  I offer assistance during the ordering session and try to create packages that might each client’s needs.  I strive to personally deliver each of my prints, once they have passed multiple quality control inspections, unless a client prefers to pick them up.  After my sessions, I ask my clients to complete a quality survey so that I can continuously increase my quality and services offered.  


5.     What types of printing services do you offer? 

I offer a variety of printing services including standard mounted prints, archival, museum quality, fine art giclee prints, images on metal and canvas, matting and framing services, photography books, albums, greeting cards, announcements, invitations, and more. 


6.    Do you work with every budget?

If you have a budget that does not match my session prices, please send me a message so we can work together to create something that represents your needs and desires.


7.    Do you have a studio?

I work in both natural light and studio settings.


8.     I am interested in a newborn session, but I’m still pregnant.  When do I need to book the session? 

Contact me as soon as possible, while you are still pregnant, so we can plan your session and create room on my schedule once your newborn arrives. 


9.        Do you support other local businesses?

Absolutely!  Most of my props are purchased and created locally.  I try to source as much as possible from local artists and locally owned stores. 


Email or call for booking information:  

(707) 951-5105