Lara Jacobs

Fine art, traveling, portrait photographer.

Offering museum-quality, archival, heirloom giclee prints.

Lara Jacobs is an award-winning and widely published landscape photographer with Western Images and Light. She started her photographic career over a decade ago, working in portraiture before moving to landscape photography.  Lara has been a contributing photographer to many websites and magazines (regional and national publications).  She also teaches online and in-field photography classes, landscape tours, and specializes in composition techniques. 

With her keepsake portraits, Lara incorporates a modern approach and ultimately strives to help each client see the beauty and radiance of their character while documenting their intimate family bonds and relationships.  

As a traveling photographer, Lara is available in your area for a limited time only.  Please contact her for more information on how to book a portrait session at the following email address and visit her on Facebook.




Email or call for booking information:  

(707) 951-5105