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Tween Portrait Project

Tween Portrait Project

Tweens are between 10-12 years old.  This stage in development is usually labeled as the "awkward" stage of childhood.  During this period of time, tweens transition through so many changes both personally and socially!    I want to help capture the personality of your tween and help record the final stage of their childhood before they become young ladies!

During the tween years, it seems as if insults and body-shaming of young girls have been normalized.  Parents do what they can to help manage the fragile self esteem and confidence levels of their children.  Yet as tweens center on tween-hood, they begin middle school and face increasing amounts of social pressures which can decrease the positive ways in which they view themselves.  The goal of my project is to reverse this trend and foster an environment where young girls feel good about themselves again!



Each tween session is specially designed to capture the specific interests of your tween, including her blossoming personality, hobbies, milestones, and accomplishments.  By incorporating parental and tween input, we design much of the session together.   A large part of this project includes parental involvement.  Parents support the mission of the project by providing positive statements about their tween that will later be combined with powerful images to share a long lasting message of support and love. 


Imagine the positive difference a specially designed photography session will make in your tween's confidence and self esteem levels.  Just picture how special she will feel after seeing gorgeous images of herself doing the things she loves and surrounded by your words of encouragement.

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